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Carsten Mattner <carstenmatt...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > 6. identify the new/changed /etc files, rename the conflicting ones with
> > suffix ".__new__" and then copy over
> > 7. get obsolete files from Makefile_upgrade.inc and remove them
> > 8. umount, remove image file, show the *.__new__ files need manual merge
> Thanks Aaron, this is nice. For step 6, didn't OpenBSD have an /etc
> update/diff tool to make this easier?

Thanks for reminding the OpenBSD's tool (didn't know that before), will have a
look at that in the following days.  I only knew FreeBSD's mergemaster, but I
think it maybe to heavy.

Nevertheless, manually merge several files works OK for me :-)

> I also wonder if it would make sense to emulate FreeBSD's effort to
> package'ize their base system. You know, a couple (e.g. <5) packages that
> comprise base, and being able to upgrade those like binary packages.

FreeBSD's packaging base system using pkg may be too complicated for DFly,
and requires much more efforts...  Someone more experienced and dedicated is
required to bring that to DFly :D


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