Present: Jonah, Roberto, Roland, Eloisa, Matt, Zach, Erik, Frank,
Vasili Mewes, Yosef

* Jenkins move
  * will move to NCSA, master server up and running but requires backups
    to be still set up. git super repo needs to be moved. Roland to get
    this up and running.

* Request for (final) review of
  * Roland asks for documenation to be added to the Cactus maintainers
    guide, eg the grid paper Grid 2010 : CBHPC 2010 Workshop ---
    Session 3
  * technical review should be done again
  * currently Piraha compares its parsing result with the old code so
    it is "safe"

* Frank will apply for google academic institution to increase the
  number of participants to 15

* recap of the SI2 NSF grant kickoff meeting in Atlanta
  * Frank gave a quick overview
  * will send out the grant proposal to the mailing list and postpone until 
    next week, will include sub-project list

* Topics for monthly hack-a-days
* (summer) student projects on
  * ELoisa suggests to try and apply for a google summer of code project for
    some of the projects

* An automated way to collect citation info from thorns, to be output at 
  * postponed to next week, please contact for suggestions

* Decision on technical solution for web pages.
  * Bootstrap
  * remaining question: "offline" (jekyll) vs. "online" (javascript).
  * undergraduate student at LSU tasked with redoing the websites,
    currently learning the ropes. 
  * Frank suggests using bootstrap for layout (can be used with
  * Erik suggests to create a couple of mock up pages using the
    different packages to see what itt takes and what it looks like .
    Currently we have one for Chemora:
  * will move this to the mailing list
  * Ian suggest also include a content management system in the list


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