Hello all,

I am wondering if there would be anything wrong with running
ML_ADMConstraints with just a single time level for the constraints as
well as using no SYNCs for it as long as I set it's calc_every
parameter to the frequency of the coarsest level.

Obviously this will give my "nonssense" values in the ghost zones,
buffer zones and boundary (though on the boudary I can just set it to

However since the constraints are pure output and nothing ever depends
on them the bad values only matter if they were to eg show up in the
norms. It is my recollection that CarpetReduce actually does not use
any values from the ghost zones (certainly that would be wrong) or
buffer zones (this may be more recent). 

Is there any any other way the "bad" values could make it into the
norms? Note that I do not worry about 1d, 2d, 3d output for the


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