On Wed, Feb 07, 2018 at 09:29:16PM -0600, Eric West wrote:
For a bit more background: MSI uses a two step login process. First you ssh into a login machine. Then you ssh from there into one of the clusters. The machine I eventually reach is named mesabi, and the login hosts are named ln000[1-6].

Hi Eric

When taking a look at

it seems like the login nodes are called 'loginXX' (with X being digits), and from there you ssh into 'mesabi', but end up on nodes with hostnames 'lnXXXX' (with X digits again). This suggests a common file system, in which case you should be able to use a regular expression like ^ln[0-9]{4}$ in 'aliaspattern' (depending on what 'hostname' actually returns on those head nodes; you might have to extend for the fully qualified name).

(Or even more restrictive ^ln000[1-6]$ if you like.)


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