Dear Ian,

Thanks for your reply.

Besides VisIt, I also tried SimulationTools as another way to analyze data.

However I do not have Mathematica installed in my local machine(which is a 
laptop) , so I tried to use the Mathematica in Edison. But it seems that I do 
not have permission to load a new tool on the cluster. Is there any method can 
I use it on a super cluster?

Best regards,

Chia-Hui Lin

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> On 9 Feb 2018, at 07:01, 林家暉 <> wrote:
> Dear Ian and whom it may concern,
> Thank you very much and I successfully plot the surface of the 2D topological 
> spheres ,as showed below.
> However I found there is always a line in the plot from the right to the left 
> and through the center . What is the possible reason of it ? For instance , 
> resolution or something else.


I think this is a visualisation artefact; i.e. it is a problem in either VisIt 
or the Carpet plugin for VisIt; it's not a problem in the simulation itself.

I seem to remember that there was a way to avoid this by first "slicing" the 
NxMx1 3D dataset that Carpet produces to be an NxM 2D dataset, so that VisIt 
knows it is 2D, but I think when I tried this, it didn't work.  Perhaps someone 
who is more expert in VisIt could suggest something?

Ian Hinder

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