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> Dear Ian,
> Thanks for your reply.
> Besides VisIt, I also tried SimulationTools as another way to analyze data. 
> However I do not have Mathematica installed in my local machine(which is a 
> laptop) , so I tried to use the Mathematica in Edison. But it seems that I do 
> not have permission to load a new tool on the cluster. Is there any method 
> can I use it on a super cluster?


I don't know what you mean "permission to load a new tool on the cluster".  You 
can install SimulationTools into your home directory, as described in the 
installation instructions.  This should not need any special technical 
permissions.  If this is what you tried, and it doesn't work, can you give some 
more details about what you did and what went wrong?

If you mean that you are not *allowed* to install external software in your 
home directory, then I don't know how you can use SimulationTools on the 
cluster, as it would need to be installed.  In any case, in order to visualise 
the data, you will need a graphical display, so presumably you would need to 
use Mathematica with X forwarding or similar.  Unless you have quite a fast 
connection to the cluster, this might be too slow to be usable.  There is no 
problem with using SimulationTools in Mathematica from the command line or in 
scripts, but I suspect that's not really what you need.

What I usually do is copy the required data from the cluster to my laptop, and 
visualise it with SimulationTools in Mathematica on my laptop.  If the data is 
too big to transfer, I use Mathematica's "remote kernel" feature, where the 
notebook interface runs on my laptop, and the kernel runs on the cluster, where 
it can directly access the data.  This way, only the visualisation needs to be 
sent over the network, not the original raw data.  Of course, Mathematica is 
very expensive, so this might not be an ideal solution for you.  

Ian Hinder
http://members.aei.mpg.de/ianhin <http://members.aei.mpg.de/ianhin>
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