Hi ~

I’m a PHD student in Taiwan and I want to download Einstein toolkit on my 
computer (Debian 8). But there was some problem happening when I type the 
command provided by the website
./GetComponents --parallel 

It shows this message on my command line:
xxx@xxxxx:~/einstein_toolkit$ ./GetComponents --parallel 
You have requested a subversion checkout, but the system was unable to find 
Please enter the path to subversion: 
sh: 0: Illegal option --

Error:  does not appear to be a working copy of svn!

I don’t know what this message mean. Does it mean that the subversion is not 
available on the Internet now?

By the way, I tried to get an account for the “Tutorial for New Users “ , 
following the instruction on the website step by step. However, I didn’t 
receive the verification email. I am not sure if there is some thing wrong in 
the system.

So, can you help me and check the system? If all works well, please let me 
know. Maybe I just made some mistakes when I did the installation and  register 
for the new account.

Best regards,


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