Thanks Marcel that confirms what I have read. I had heard no one has tried 
using JWS + OSGI but I asked that question many months ago. I tried using that 
combination but ran into issues and had some other deadlines to get through 

Have you or anyone else seen an example you can point me to with this 
combination? I will try again since I have some time.


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Hello Tony,

On Jun 16, 2010, at 19:41 , Tony Anecito wrote:

> Has anyone been able to get OSGI working with java Web Start?

Yes. You can use web start to bootstrap the framework plus some kind of 
launcher or management agent that understands the web start environment 
(perhaps reading some configurable properties from the JNLP file, etc.) Since 
OSGi needs a local bundle cache, you cannot simply use the sandboxed, unsigned 
option of web start.

This management agent, when started, will then fetch the other bundles from the 
server (this has nothing to do anymore with web start). You probably want to 
use an algorithm to detemine a proper location for the bundle cache (that 
depends on the operating system and logged in user).

> Or is there a different recommendation for intial deployment for Swing-OSGI. 
> Seems like OSGI is good for after you deploy but not the model for initial 
> deployment for java apps.

Probably updating components when the client application is running is not too 
relevant (or even desired) in most desktop applications. Being able to use the 
OSGi programming model however is.

> Web Start handles jnlp initial deployment of the java jvm where as OSGI doe 
> not but does do the updates like Web Start does already.


> I am looking for a more complete solution and it seems OSGI is not quite the 
> complete solution but I am very open to constructive suggestions on how to 
> achieve that using OSGI and something else.

OSGi by itself cannot bootstrap the JVM and there is no standard mechanism to 
bootstrap the installation of an OSGi implementation either, but combining 
JWS+OSGi definitely makes sense if you ask me.

Greetings, Marcel

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