I've got a use case in which I'd like to run the framework in a Hadoop
cluster, and the users would want to store their cfg files on hdfs.

Making config admin support this would not be terribly complex -- if
the minimum java version were 7.

What is the current version base?

Another possible issue is the general problem of using registered
non-default FileSystemProviders in OSGi. To use the straightforward
uri-to-Path code path, the provider has to be in the system
classloader. So, if someone wants to set the config admin dir property
to 'hdfs://something', then either they need to arrange that file
system provider into the outer class loader, or code in config admin
has to use some servicemix-ish scheme to provide alternative
registration of providers. Selfishly, I can imagine a config admin
property that can be used to declare one or more providers.

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