Has anyone out there succeeded shutting down the Felix container and
having the classloaders GC to the point where native classes are no
longer loaded, so that the same JVM can then start a new framework and
again load the same native classes?

To be a bit more precise, I have a bundle that includes some native
classes. I start the framework, load and start this bundle, and it
does the System.loadLibrary to load up these classes.

I shut down the framework, and try again, and get:

18:51:39.140 [Thread-4] ERROR r. -
[com.basistech.ws.worker.core.Worker(8)] The activate method has
thrown an exception
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native Library
already loaded in another classloader

My vague sense is that it's somewhere between difficult and impossible
to get native code cleaned up enough to make this work, but I wondered
if anyone else had succeeded using Felix.

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