I'm currently trying to get Vaadin to work within OSGi and for this purpose I'm using felix http as webserver.

My current setup looks like this:
I have a ResourceTracker that tracks all themes/widgetsets/resources and registers them according to the Vaadin scheme as resources via:

http.registerResources("/vaadin-8.2.1/VAADIN/path/to/resource", "/VAADIN/path/to/resource", new MySpecialContext());

This works fine for production mode where all scss files are compiled to css.

The problem is in debug mode, where Vaadin offers an on-the-fly compilation from scss to css. For this purpose Vaadin states one should register a VaadinServlet under "/VAADIN/*" (or "/vaadin-8.2.1/VAADIN/*" in an OSGi context) that takes care of compiling scss files on the fly if the corresponding css files can not be found.

The problem is:

When I register a Vaadin servlet under "/vaadin-8.2.1/VAADIN/*" then this servlet is never used. Requests to "localhost:8080/vaadin-8.2.1/VAADIN/path/to/resource" are still handled by a ResourceServlet (DefaultServlet?) which, of course, is not able to find the non-existent css files.

Is there a way to tell felix http to use a custom servlet instead of its default resource servlet?

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