I just want to download and install Felix, but I'm running into broken links and missing packages:

[1] https://felix.apache.org/documentation/getting-started.html
    (a) The "Downloads" link in the list does not work for me.
    (b) The "Downloads" link from navigation leads me e.g. to "http://mirror.yannic-bonenberger.com/apache/"; or any other mirror with the same directory structure.
First: The link points to the parent directory.
Second: From the description, there should be some file "felix-framework-*.zip". Instead, there's a bunch of jar files without any documentation. Third: There's a file "apache-felix-karaf-1.6.0.zip" which might contain some useful code, but it's not documented.

[2] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FELIX/downloads
    (a) Broken download links, too.
    (b) Mirrors same as [1].

So, where and how can I download and install Felix, and how can I run it using the console after installation?

Kind regards

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