Hi Felix users !

First I wish you the best for this new year !

Then, I have a question about the maven-bundle-plugin and the bundle-blueprint 
manifest header.
Our application is built using the maven-bundle-plugin.

Our bundles currently instanciate beans using many blueprint XML files. The 
bean definitions are stored in the following file structure :
-----> file1.xml
-----> file2.xml
-----> ...
-----> fileN.xml

The maven-bundle-plugin generates for us a perfect MANIFEST.MF file, with this 

However, having such a flat file structure is not easily readable. I was 
wondering if maven-bundle-plugin could automatically generate a MANIFEST.MF 
with the right bundle-blueprint header corresponding to a file structure like 

-----> folder1
------------> file1.xml
------------> file2.xml
-----> folder2
------------> file1.xml
------------> file2.xml
-----> folder3
------------> file1.xml
------------> file2.xml

I tested this file structure with our current maven-bundle-plugin options and 
it currently does not work. Is there a way to configure the maven-bundle-plugin 
to have inside the manifest :
bundle-blueprint: blueprint/folder1, blueprint/folder2, blueprint/folder3

Thank you!



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