Hi Ray,

yes the annotation is processed. At least Apache Felix Webconsole is showing me this output for my SCL component:

Bundle    io.jatoms.osgi.possiblebugs.scl.impl (1)
  Implementationsklasse    io.jatoms.osgi.possiblebugs.scl.MySCL
  Default Status    enabled
  Aktivierung    delayed
  Konfigurations Policy    optional
  Dienst Typ    singleton
  Dienste    javax.servlet.ServletContextListener
  PID    io.jatoms.osgi.possiblebugs.scl.MySCL
  Eigenschaften    component.id = 9
    component.name = io.jatoms.osgi.possiblebugs.scl.MySCL
    osgi.http.whiteboard.listener = true

Sorry, the names are in german. "Eigenschaften" is the properties section ;)

Kind regards,

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Betreff: Re: Re[3]: ServletContextListener not working?

Thomas did you check that your tool chain processed the annotation `@HttpWhiteboardListener` into the appropriate service property?

- Ray

On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 10:05 AM Thomas Driessen <thomas.driessen...@gmail.com> wrote:
BTW the version of felix http is 4.0.6 and the other bundles installed and active are:

                START LEVEL 1
   ID|State      |Level|Name
0|Active | 0|OSGi System Bundle (3.13.100.v20180827-1536)|3.13.100.v20180827-1536 1|Active | 1|osgi.possiblebugs.scl.impl (|
    2|Active     |    1|Apache Commons FileUpload (1.3.3)|1.3.3
    3|Active     |    1|Apache Commons IO (2.6.0)|2.6.0
    4|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Command (1.0.2)|1.0.2
    5|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Runtime (1.0.10)|1.0.10
    6|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Shell (1.0.0)|1.0.0
    7|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Http Jetty (4.0.6)|4.0.6
    8|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Servlet API (1.1.2)|1.1.2
    9|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Inventory (1.0.4)|1.0.4
10|Active | 1|Apache Felix Declarative Services (2.1.10)|2.1.10 11|Active | 1|Apache Felix Web Management Console (4.3.4)|4.3.4 12|Active | 1|Apache Felix Web Console Service Component Runtime/Declarative Services Plugin (2.0.8)|2.0.8 13|Active | 1|org.osgi:org.osgi.util.function (|

Any idea what might be missing?

Kind regards,

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An: "David Bosschaert" <david.bosscha...@gmail.com>; users@felix.apache.org
Gesendet: 04.02.2019 16:03:25
Betreff: Re[2]: ServletContextListener not working?

Hi David,

yes this is done via tha @HttpWhiteboardListener annotation. The webconsole shows me this output for the MySCL component:

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An: users@felix.apache.org; "Thomas Driessen" <thomas.driessen...@gmail.com>
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Betreff: Re: ServletContextListener not working?

Hi Thomas,

The spec states in section 140.7 [1]
"Events are sent to listeners registered in the Service Registry with the osgi.http.whiteboard.listener service property set to true"

Did you set this service property?
There is a constant for it in org.osgi.service.http.whiteboard.HttpWhiteboardConstants [2]

Hope this helps,


[1] https://osgi.org/specification/osgi.enterprise/7.0.0/service.http.whiteboard.html#d0e75952 [2] https://osgi.org/specification/osgi.enterprise/7.0.0/service.http.whiteboard.html#org.osgi.service.http.whiteboard.HttpWhiteboardConstants

On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 at 06:38, Thomas Driessen <thomas.driessen...@gmail.com> wrote:
I've investigated this further and in the Apache Felix Web Console my listener is listed under the "Failed Listeners". As reason "Invalid" is

I do not know what I'm doing wrong :(

This is my ServletContextListener:

public class MySCL implements ServletContextListener {

     public void contextDestroyed(ServletContextEvent arg0) {

     public void contextInitialized(ServletContextEvent arg0) {


Any idea what I'm missing?

Kind regards,

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Betreff: ServletContextListener not working?

>I've already asked on the general OSGi Dev mailing list, but I think
>this might be a more appropriate place to ask:
>I just tried to get a ServletContextListener to work, but did not
>succeed, although everything is done as defined by the spec.
>Here you can find a minimal example of my setup
>The Servlet I'm registering is working fine, but the
>ServletContextListener that I registered too is never called.
>Even if I call getServletContext() from within the Servlet, my Listener
>is never called.
>I would have expected the ServletContextListener to be called at least
>once, after a DefaultServletContext has been created by the
>ServletContainer, or am I wrong with this assumption?
>Kind regards,

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