I'm seeing this behavior in 2.0.10.

Bundle "service.a" depends on version 1.0.0 of "common".

Bundle "service.b" depends on version 2.0.0 of "common".

If I do "deploy -ro -s service.a" then I get service.a and version 1 of
common, as expected.

If I do "deploy -ro -s service.b" then version 2 of common is installed,
and version 1 is removed, rendering service.a not resolvable.

If I redeploy service.a, then common version 1 is installed, and version 2
is removed, making service.b not resolvable.

Am I missing something, or is is this a bug?

Digging into the code a bit, the deploy() method of ResolverImpl includes a
call to isResourceUpdatable() which appears to be an attempt to not remove
resources that are still required.

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