We have a product running Felix with SCR (and some other felix-services like 
fileinstall), using it partly as a plugin-mechanism and mostly to handle our 
own internal modules. This means all our modules have a service component 
xml-file which I'm now looking to "remove" through the use of OSGi DS 
Annotations. As I understand it, SCR implements the spec but I'm not able to 
get it to work. The bundle I'm trying to install throws the following error my 

missing requirement [failing-bundle [46](R 46.0)] osgi.extender; 
(&(osgi.extender=osgi.component)(version>=1.3.0)(!(version>=2.0.0))) Unresolved 
requirements: [[failing-bundle [46](R 46.0)] osgi.extender; 

which according to some internet searches means that I don't have a proper 
DS-implementation? Or have I misunderstood this?

  1.  Version of felix framework is 6.0.0
  2.  Version of SCR is 2.1.12
  3.  The failing bundle is built with maven-bundle-plugin version 4.1.0

When I look at the manifest of the failing bundle, it has the following 

And looking at SCR it has the following provide-capability


Can anyone give any hints as to what I'm doing wrong. As I understand it, SCR 
should provide the required capability (version ranges seem to check out too)?

Best regards,
Per-Erik Svensson

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