Dear adaptTo() Community,

The new year has just begun and we are already coming up with some exciting 
news about the upcoming adaptTo() 2020 (28th - 30th September 2020).

There is for example our new slogan. In the future, we will advertise our event 
with confidence and not without a certain pride as "adaptTo() - Europe's 
leading AEM developer conference".
So kudos to all you loyal attendees, speakers and sponsors out there. You 
helped growing a tech-meetup into the leading conference in its field.

What's new in 2020

* As the leading AEM conference, our main focus will be Adobe Experience 
Manager (AEM) and Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC). All from a technical point of 
view of course and always with regards to the OSS we all love working with. So 
no worries, there will still be plenty Apache Sling, Jackrabbit Oak, Felix and to talk about.

* And to all technically focused AEM- and AEC-experts out there, we'd love to 
see you on stage at adaptTo() 2020. No matter whether you prefer to share your 
ideas on the big stage or in a workshop. No matter whether you want to offer 
hands-on sessions or field reports, we are open for all sessions styles. Just 
let us know. For details see Call for Papers.

* The conference will move to Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg, a distinct 
area in Berlin, famous for it's cultural richness.
Kulturbrauerei not only is an exciting location, as some of you will remember, 
it gives us the chance to offer workshops, hands-on-sessions and additional 
talks to complement the main stage.

* We welcome JavaPro as our media partner. They will cover the event and offer 
some benefits to all sponsors and speakers.

* We have revised our pricing model for tickets and offer discount options. So 
be sure to check out our ticket section - early bird tickets are available till 
May 2020.

* This year we will celebrate adaptTo()'s 10th anniversary.

Ticket sales for the 10th adaptTo() are officially open and Call for Papers has 

* Tickets:
* Call for Papers:

For more information please visit us at or share your thoughts 
via or #adaptto or at

Kind regards from the adaptTo() Team,

P.S.: There is a discount for Apache Committers (any project - Sling, Felix, 
Jackrabbit) - see for details.

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