Thanks Wayne for you note we didnt update that OBR repository for quiet a while...which is a little bit embarrassing... I've updated releases.xml by replacing http: with https: for most of the links, so you should be able to use this as-is from now on.

If there is anything else, don't hesitate to send another mail or directly create a Jira issue ticket for it.


On 10.04.2020 23:26, Wayne Tackabury wrote:
Hi all….first time post, so be kind… :)

I have to believe this has been asked enough to be a FAQ, but couldn’t
find the reference in the users, dev list that I could see nor the
Felix Jira list, StackOverflow, etc.

Using Felix 6.0.3, the default configuration seems to reference which, well, hasn’t been updated
since 2017.  The only problem with that is there are a lot of
references to which get picked up.  And the
only problem with that is went https-only since start of
this year; references to the non-secure HTTP link return 501 errors at
deploy/start time.

If this was a code problem in the Felix bundlerepository, or even the
distro, I’d create an issue in Jira and try to fix
it in code or conf, but that’s not the problem as  this is an online
resource at  I’ve worked around by pulling the .xml,
changing the repo1 refs, and changing my obr.repository .url entry in to reference that as a file:// URL, but that seems
like a hack.

Is there an alternate releases.xml resource?  Or did I totally miss
the memo (as I expect :)


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