Hi all,

First time I pose a question here.

Since a week or two, we're bumping into a problem with bundle deploys.

During deploy we see messages like this in the logs:

*ERROR* [FelixFrameworkWiring] BUNDLE_NAME_REDACTED bundle 
: Timeout waiting for reg change to complete unregistered

We _think_ this is due to a Java ExecutorService for which we call shutdown() 
in the component's @Deactivate method.
We recently switched to calling shutdownNow() which does not block, but this 
seems to have no effect.

Anybody seen this error before? Does anyone know what is means?

After that the components from the newer version of the bundle fail to start. 
These components show states like unsatisfied (reference), -1 or satisfied.

These errors might be related as well:

*ERROR* [OsgiInstallerImpl] BUNDLE_NAME_REDACTED bundle 
Unexpected failure enabling component holder CLASS_NAME_REDACTED 

*ERROR* [FelixDispatchQueue] BUNDLE_NAME_REDACTED FrameworkEvent ERROR 

*ERROR* [FelixFrameworkWiring] BUNDLE_NAME_REDACTED bundle 
: bind method [bindConfiguration] not found

The only way to fix these issues, is to call 'Refresh package imports' on some 
of our custom bundles, or, if that fails, to restart the whole OSGi container.

A few other pointers:
- all our components have an @Component(immediate=true)
- we use Apache Felix 5.6.10 (bundled with Adobe Experience Manager
- we use the Apache Sling JCR installer to install our bundles

We're getting out of ideas on how to fix this.

I'd appreciate any help here.

Kind regards,

Wim Symons
AEM Lead Architect

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