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> From: Roy Teeuwen <>
> Subject: Updating OSGI weaving hooks at runtime
> Date: 5 August 2020 at 08:49:09 CEST
> To: Apache Felix Developer List <>
> Hey devs,
> I found a repo with some weaving hooks examples 
> (
> <>,
>  even though it is pretty old) and found it interesting. What I would like to 
> try out is to mimick the behaviour of Rookout ( 
> <> ). Rookout allows (read-only) debugging of a 
> production instance by adding a java agent that is able to get object field 
> values at runtime without attaching a real java remote debugging instance.
> How I would like to mimick this is by creating an OSGi Weaving Hook, based on 
> the LogMethodCallsHook class, that would allow you to create an OSGi weaving 
> hook at runtime by creating for example an OSGi configuration factory that 
> registers a weaving hook for a class with a method in a specific bundle. Do 
> you see this feasible? Is it possible to register a weaving hook without 
> having to reload the entire bundle again and going through the Activator 
> method again?
> I already had a comment from the repo owner himself and he doesn’t think its 
> feasable but he gave me the remark to ask here as well! 
> ( 
> <>)
> Thanks!
> Roy

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