I have written this blog post [1] to show Eclipse developers how they can 
integrate the Webconsole in an Eclipse application to have better options for 
runtime inspections. This is possible since Maven artifacts can be integrated 
directly from Maven Central. But doing this I noticed something strange with 
automatic transitive dependency resolution. It seems the Maven dependencies are 
not in sync with the OSGi dependencies.

commons-fileupload is required in version 1.4 in the runtime, but resolved is 
commons-fileupload 1.3.3
commons-io can be at maximum 2.4, but version 2.6 gets resolved
javax-servlet is resolved but it does not provide the capability 
org.apache.felix.inventory is required as package import but not defined as 
dependency in the pom.xml as it seems

To fix this in the Eclipse project I have to add all the transitive 
dependencies manually.

I have to admit that I am not sure where exactly the issue is. Just noticed 
that it seems that something is inconsistent here.

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Dirk Fauth

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