Hi all,

I'm looking at a way to extend the configurator to read configurations from
more locations. I know the spec does not contain this, but is there some
way to make this possible?

The use case is that we have a dedicated server which is used to
store/maintain configurations, and these configs are made available to OSGi
components using the ConfigAdmin. However, components can also use the
Configurator to configure itself using a local file or a config from a
While those 2 solutions could work next to each other, it gets more
complicated if ranking is necessary. Eg, for the configurator ranking can
be used, which is handled by the configurator itself. However, since
ranking is not something the ConfigAdmin does, this does not take
configurations from the server into account (which would have the highest
ranking in our case). I could, partially, solve this by using start levels.
Eg make the component that reads from the server start after the
configurator. However, if a new bundle is installed, those configurations
are picked up by the configurator again, which might override the config
from the server.

Now I am looking for a way to extend the Configurator to be able to read
configurations from other sources as well. I know I can clone the
configurator and do this myself, but I'd like to know if there is any
interest in such a feature. Having a clone, which will get outdated/needs
merging, is not something I fancy.


Met vriendelijke groet,

Alexander Broekhuis

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