Hey everyone,

I'm porting a project over to RobotLegs and I had a huge issue of the
components not properly resizing. It has taken me almost two weeks but I've
finally narrowed it down to one (hopefully) component causing all of the

I have boiled it down to a simple test project.

In my test I have an App class and a MainView class. MainView is a child of
App. I have ResizeEvent.RESIZE listeners on both App and MainView. With just
this, I get trace statements from the resize handlers BOTH when sizing up
and when sizing down.  This is expected. If I add my custom component as a
child of MainView, then I will get the resize handlers traced out when
sizing UP but not when sizing DOWN. So the custom component will grow but
will never shrink. I'm not great when it comes to custom components as I was
a pure AS3 person. 

I have attached the project as a zip file. The problem component is called
BackgroundFill. It's a Group that contains a Rect that gets created and
resized. I noticed that when sizing up both updateDisplayList() and
measure() get called, but when sizing down, neither of them do.


Thanks for any help!

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