Dear Gecode users,

We are happy to announce the release of Gecode's next major version 6.0.0!

This major release fixes many bugs, adds quite some new functionality, and
changes how cloning works (most likely the biggest change we ever did to
Gecode): the Boolean share argument is not any longer needed (see how to
change your programs in How to Change to Gecode 6.0.0
<>). The
added functionality includes experimental support for the CPProfiler,
classes for lexicographic optimization (where the cost is defined by an
array of variables), a new much faster implementation of extensional
constraints using tuple sets, and support for tracing search engines.

The full change log is available at

The Gecode source code and binary packages are now hosted on GitHub
<>, and we will use GitHub's issue tracker
to keep on top of bug reports and feature requests from now on. And of
course we are looking forward to your pull requests!

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