Dear LibreOffice Community:
First of all, thank you so much for opening the gates to improve the
open-source office suite to far greater an extent than or
even Go-OO could ever do. Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place,
but I believe that somebody will be able to finally solve a problem with
Writer that has persisted through all versions of OOo and LibreOffice until
now, and for just as long has been the default behavior on many word
processors, including Microsoft Word and AbiWord.The problem is basically
that table rows are not deleted when using the Edit -- Cut command, nor are
they added when clicking Edit -- Paste. I suggest that people read Mike
Freeman's original description of the problem, which is issue #35570 on the
bug tracker, and test it out on the scenario I have provided on the self
same bug report. Also check out related OOo bug #13645 on Apache.

Two workarounds and when they do not work:

   1. Select rows to cut using Table -- Select -- Rows, Edit -- Cut, place
   cursor in position before place where you want to paste rows, Table --
   Insert -- Rows, How many? Number of rows you have cut, select After, click
   OK, select newly inserted rows using Table -- Select -- Rows, Edit --
   Paste. This method does not work for people who are not good at counting,
   especially double-counting rows split across pages.
   2. Place cursor after the last character in the last cell of the
   rightmost column before the first row of data you want to paste, click
   Table -- Split Table, place cursor after last character you want to cut,
   select Split Table, select new paragraph containing newly split rows, Edit
   -- Cut, place cursor after last character before paste position, click
   Table -- Split Table, move cursor outside table at new split point, click
   Edit -- Paste. This method will result in a table that is still split from
   the main table on at least one side, and it will be very difficult (but not
   impossible) to delete the paragraph breaks to rejoin the tables.

I have tried everything possible to make actual developers aware of this
issue. This message is my last resort. I hope that I can find somebody who
would be willing to create a patch for this.
Stuart Simon

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