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On 28/02/2012, Roger Sawkins <> wrote:

I have Powerpoint on one machine and LibreOffice on another. I want
to be
able to edit and save PowerPoints on either machine. However, when
Ppt in Presentation it does not always convert font and layout properly.
Occasional tabs or spaces are missing or duplicated; occasional text
have text outside the slide, etc.

Your are wasting your time. Make a cost-benefit analysis and decide
whether to use either LO or m$; do not bother trying to use both.

Are we being rude today ?

The case Roger describes is something we all encounter when
exporting/importing PPT documents. And while we do not control how
(various) Microsoft products behave when using ODF, we can undoubtedly
do a better job at making sure the import from and export to PPT (and
PPTX) is smoother.

Really? Can we realistically do a better job when millions of users want another set of MS features each and every day? When downloading the Microsoft *viewers* for WinWord, Excel and Powerpoint, these three *viewers* cover the file formats doc(x), rtf, xls(x) and ppt(x). Their download size is close to the download size of (single language, no extensions but including additional components, 4 macro languages and read-write access to dozends of file formats). How much coding does it take if you are aiming to 100% compatibility with their proprietary file formats? What does it mean that the specification of OOXML weighs 8 times more print pages than the specification of ODF?

For further reference (just scratching the surface):
This White Paper in its two main parts describes typical effects which occur 
during the mixed usage
of documents based on the standardized formats ISO/IEC 29500:2008 (OOXML) and 
26300:2006 (ODF).

For each use case the following issues must have to be considered:
Why translate a document from one standard to another?
Which is the optimal document format to be used in the translation?
Is it necessary to have a round-trip conversion of the document and if so, why?
Which are the best tools to achieve these goals and who should use them?

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