Yes, that is correct. Would still be broken if you don't also clean up the 
javasettings .xml configuration file.
Additionally, for folks on a 64-bit build of Windows,  if you install both a 
32-bit and a 64-bit JRE, you need to watch which JRE gets called with 
LibreOffice.  Oracle installers place copies of latest installed executable 
into the C:\Windows\system32 (the 64-bit executables), and also in 
C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (for the 32-bit executables).
They are copied from the respective  installation directories of the JREs, but 
with a default installation these executables will be "found" before any other 
instance referred by the PATH environment, so they are the JREs used by 
default--and that can cause problems if not expected (as can issues with 
location of a MS C++ runtime not being present with the Java virtual machine 
To convince yourself, leave the C:\Windows copies intact and run a Command 
Window, and then execute "java -version", if you have the 64-bit JRE installed 
and you will see the version labeled as 64-bit build--not the 32-bit. And that 
also seems to causes problems for LibreoOffice which on Windows remains 32-bit.
To precisely control which JRE is used, you have to remove the executables from 
the system32 and SysWOW64 directories, and then establish a specific location 
on the PATH for them. Can be anywhere in the PATH environment variable, but for 
security after the Windows OS components. Also by convention you can create a 
JAVA_HOME environment variable and use a "%JAVA_HOME%\bin" reference in the 
PATH.  Very useful (and the norm in Linux) in that you can programmatically 
change the JAVA_HOME variable when you need a different JRE (either the version 
or use of a 64-bit build).


From: Tanstaafl []
Sent: Thu 9/6/2012 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: [libreoffice-users] RE: Libreoffice and Java

Thanks Stuart...

So, if you (like I always do) first uninstall JRE 1.6, then install 1.7
(32bit of course), will it still be broken?

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