Very reasonable that you would not have, or want, direct write access to the 
pool holding the master copies for distribution out to the mirrors--that is 
syssamdin magic better handled by the folks running the mirror service.
My suggestion is that you verify that the MirrorBrain HASH values for the .ISO 
file against what you created locally prior to you upload.  That way you can be 
certain that what you prepared will make it intact out to the mirrors. Each 
user then must be responsible for verifying their own downloads, with some 
trust that what is being downloaded is your original. Using the HASH values 
facilitates that at all steps--but you set the foundation for it. 
You can wait for it to post up to the mirrors and grab the MirrorBrain HASH (as 
either the Info, or Details link--same content), or you can ask your contact to 
provide you the HASH value of what they received at the transfer server.  Or if 
you're conservative, just do both.
Practice a bit with the md5sum, md256sum and you'll soon make it habit for all 
your data transfers--even locally between your computers.


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Subject: Re: Cloud-space? Re: [libreoffice-users] Use of MD5 and other 
HASHvalues of LibO package downloads and alternate distribution DVD uploads

My 4.2 - 4.3 GB of an ISO file takes about 9 to 10 hours to upload.

Also, I do not have access to the mirror system of servers.  I upload it
to a different server where it is them moved onto the system that it
part of the mirror sync system. [or so I have been told]  So I cannot
use the TDF system to verify my uploaded file. I do not have that option[s].

I upload to the server I have access to via Filezilla.

Personally, I really do not want to have the permissions to access the
LO folder system that is part of the system that will be mirrored.  I do
not want to have a partially uploaded file get mirrored when the "local
mirror" goes and syncs to the master files/folders on the LO server[s]. 
It is much safer to upload it to an "outside" server folder "outside to
the mirrored folders", and then have a server support person move it
from the temporary folder to the one it needs to go to.  For the 3.5.7
DVD it would be the folder that holds the files for the


page, where-ever it is located.

For a different ISO file, the link is:


but that does not mean that it is the exact folder of
"/libreoffice/box/3.5.6/" off the "download."sub-domain folder but
something that the system associates with it.

I know my hosting system has a lot of "relative" file/folder placements
in my domain.us/folders/folders/file.html URLs.

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