At 10:54 18/03/2013 +0100, Joris Kinable wrote:
Given are a number of cells with values, say for example B2, E2, G2. I want to color the cell containing the smallest value green. In case there are multiple cells contain the same (smallest) value, all these cells must be colored green.

First create a cell style for your green colour:
o Go to Format | Styles and Formatting (or press F11 or click the Styles and Formatting button in the Formatting toolbar).
o Click the Cell Styles button at the top of the Styles and Formatting window.
o Click the "New Style from Selection" button.
o Give your new style a name - perhaps "Green"?
o Right-click on the new style name in the list and select Modify... .
o On the Background tab, select your shade of green.

Now to colour the cells:
o In the corresponding cell of a new column, let's say K (so in K2), insert the formula =MIN(B2;E2;G2) .
o Select, say, B2.
o Go to Format | Conditional Formatting... .
o For Condition 1 (ticked), select "Cell value is" and "equal to".
o In the third box, type $K2.
o For Cell Style, select "Green", and click OK.
o Repeat for E2 and G2.

Next I would like to do the same for {B3, E3, G3}, {B4, E4, G4}, ....

If appropriate (as it presumably will be), you can very easily fill the columns down from the original cells in row 2. You'll need to fill down column K too, of course.

If you wish, you can hide column K or you can choose to put it out of the way - outside your print range - or even on a separate sheet.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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