Hi :)
That has all sounded like a tfn tbh.  I've never heard of the Err 522 before.  
I was hoping it was something trivial such as memory or something.  I guess you 
have already posted a bug-report and just got nothing back yet?  It's going to 
be a tad weird here if you do go over to AOO completely.  
Apols and regards from 
Tom :)  

> From: Johnny Rosenberg <gurus.knu...@gmail.com>
>To: LibreOffice Användare <users@global.libreoffice.org>; 
>Sent: Tuesday, 23 April 2013, 18:21
>Subject: [libreoffice-users] Re: Am I the only one with Err 522 problems?
>2013/4/2 Johnny Rosenberg <gurus.knu...@gmail.com>:
>> A few spreadsheets of mine, those with a lot of formulas with
>> references to other cells, sometimes (or rather often in some cases)
>> throw error 522 (circular reference) at me.
>> In most cases, Ctrl+Shift+F9 cures the problem. Another way is to look
>> for the first Err 522 occurance, highlight it, Ctrl+c, then Ctrl+v at
>> the same cell.
>> Did anyone else see those false Err 522 messages?
>> I have seen them for quite a while now, for years, I think. I use
>> LibreOffice at the moment.
>> Johnny Rosenberg
>Another problem with that sheet is that everything takes unbelievable
>long time. If I enter something in a cell, then hit Enter, I need to
>wait for something like a minute (yes, minute! Not second!) or two
>before anything happens, so the whole sheet is just a waste of time.
>Today I installed LibreOffice 3.6.6, but my problems with that file persists.
>The Ctrl+Shift+F9 thing cures the problem (the Err:522 messages
>disappears and are replaced with correct cell values) sometimes, maybe
>once out of 5 or 10 in average, but sometimes when I do that,
>LibreOffice crash. However, so far, when I ”repair” the file, there
>are never any error messages. So I continue entering new values, save
>and close. Next day, when I open the file again, those Err:522
>messages are back again. That's what my life looks like every day
>these days.
>Just for fun, I installed Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 a few minutes ago
>and I tried to open the file with it. After fiddling with macro
>security (adding the path where the file is located), the spreadsheet
>opened, and opened very much faster than LibreOffice. Unfortunately,
>the Err:522 messages was there again, but Apache OpenOffice seems a
>lot faster than LibreOffice, so it doesn't waste my time as much.
>After copying the first one of the Err:522 cells and pasting it to
>itself, all the Err:522 messages were gone again. And that also
>happened much faster than with LibreOffice.
>So now I started to enter new values. As I said above, from hitting
>Enter until LibreOffice stop freezing (it works with something, I
>don't have a clue what) it typically takes a minute or two, maybe
>more. With Apache OpenOffice it took way less than a second.
>I realise that nobody will ever even move a finger to investigate what
>could possible be wrong with the combination ”My Err:522-file” and
>LibreOffice, so I will just run away from the problem and use Apache
>OpenOffice for that particular spreadsheet (and maybe all other office
>documents in the future, but that's too early to say after trying out
>Apache OpenOffice for only half an hour or so…).
>Solved. At least for now.
>One difference between my installations of Apache OpenOffice and
>LibreOffice, is that I didn't ”import” my LibreOffice settings to
>Apache OpenOffice yet (settings of different kinds), so it's quite
>possible, I guess, that when I do that, I will experience the same
>problems with Apache OpenOffice. The only thing I iknow right now, is
>that with the settings I have now and with those two office suites, I
>just don't have time to wait for LibreOffice doing weird things in the
>background, freezing for minutes for every cell entry.
>Johnny Rosenberg
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