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>Subject: [libreoffice-users] Re: Paragraph styles
>Will wonders never cease... The first one has been assigned to someone.

Actually,  FDO bug 44871 has been "assigned" since the date it was submitted 
during QA bug triage.  But that means exactly squat since Cedric did not assign 
himself (indicating he accepted and was working on it).

Assignment is just not a tool that has a lot of meaning in the LibreOffice 
project (and most other FOSS) because, as has been mentioned, development and 
quashing of bugs is driven by the interests of the respective developers. Some 
developers will assign to themselves, some will not--personal choice.

>Maybe there's hope after all, as I've got a list from long ago that I
>never bothered to file as these were never addressed and assigned, so I
>never bothered.

Can't help but notice that in the ensuing time you have moved from OSX 10.6.8  
to your current 10.8.3 build, yet YOU have not filed additional updates or 
status regards either issue.   Truth is issues with OSX builds require a lot of 
care and feeding given the rapid changes to Apples APIs.  If you want things 
fixed you have to be engaged and nurture the issues you raise.   Please take 
the time to research the FDO Bugzilla ( 
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/query.cgi?format=advanced&product=LibreOffice ) 
and if not already identified, submit as new issues items from your list. 

You should have a look at the OSX issues meta bug 
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42082 and you'll get some idea.

Regarding  fdo#44871, the labeling as Distribute Rows Equally is clearly wrong. 
  Its function is documented as "Space Rows Equally" --  Adjusts the height of 
the selected rows to match the height of the tallest row in the selection, 
which it does.   So what you were really asking for is an enhancement.  Which 
as was pointed out in comments to 44871 would receive the best review on the 
UX-Advise list.  Did you follow up there?  Just looked and saw no record.

So, I've opened a new enhancement request in fdo#64242 and asked the UX-Advise 
list for discussion--essentially for handling Table columns and rows the UX is 
a bit muddled between Distribute and Equal Spacing actions.


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