I'd like to ask for confirmation, whether the following situation 
happens to other users of Calc too.

1_ Start a new spreadsheet with 2 sheets, with the zoom at %100.
2_ On "Sheet2.E20" insert the following formula: "=Sheet1.E20" 
(without quotation marks).
3_ Select "Sheet2.E20".
4_ Press "Shift+F7", (Trace Precedents). Note the position of the 
trace arrow.
5_ Change the zoom, from %100 to either %90 or to %110. Note the 
(new?) position of the trace arrow.
6_ Change the zoom back to %100. Note the (new?) position of the 
trace arrow.
7_ Go to Tools -> Detective -> Refresh Traces. Note the (new?) 
position of the trace arrow.

If the test cell is "A1" instead of "E20", the trace arrow might 
disappear from the screen when changing the zoom, until the next 
"Refresh Traces".

In my system, step 5 incorrectly changes the displayed position of 
the trace arrow, step 6 maintains the inadequate position, and step 7 
"corrects" it. Additionally, performing some other tasks (e.g. 
copy+paste) might refresh the trace arrows too (but I'm not sure 
whether *any* task will).

In fact, the initial and/or ending zoom(s) can be any other than %100 
too, as *any* zoom change generates this issue.

In the above steps I used "Trace Precedents". I see the same effect 
when selecting "Sheet1.E20" and using "Trace Dependents" instead.

If this is replicable by other users, IMHO there should be at least 
some way for the user to easily note that the traces should be 
refreshed (because they are not really pointing to/from the adequate 
intended cells). Perhaps by changing the color of the "offset" trace 
arrows? Better yet, this displacement should not even happen, 
specially with "AutoRefresh" (traces) set on, but I guess this is why 
the "Refresh Traces" action exists(?).

Is this happening just in my system?


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