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... I learned that there are two kinds of numbers: Cardinals include a zero, decimal points, and negatives. [...] Ordinals, or "counting numbers" start at +1 and do not understand fractional parts such as 1.5. There is no zero.

No, ordinal numbers are those representing an order, i.e. first, second, third, ... instead of one, two, three, ... . Your distinction here is between "real" numbers - which can have any value - and "integers". Integers have no fractions, but they can be zero or negative.

I just picked up a recent technical book ... . The first few pages are called the PREFACE and the page numbers therein are noted in lower case Roman numerals like iv, v, vi, viii.

It is standard, of course, for books to have three parts: a title page, what is called "front matter", and the main text. And it is usual for front matter to be numbered using lower case roman numerals and the main text using arabic numbers.

Can LibreOffice do that?

Of course. Page numbers are a property of page styles, so you just need separate styles for each part. And there are a number of arabic, roman, and cyrillic styles for page numbers.

The first page would have to be i because there is no zero.

Surely the first page is i because it is the first page, not the zeroth one! In fact, the title page is usually considered the first page but unnumbered, so the front matter will start with ii (or possible later).

Brian Barker

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