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Using on Ubuntu 16.04 Never had these problems before that I remember. I am using a numbered list. Main numbering is 1, 2, 3, level 2 is a), b), c), level 3 is i), ii), iii.

Problem 1: when I get to 10. the title suddenly hops in a tab so that it is not aligned with earlier titles. In the past I have always had a little more room between the number. and the title so that all titles are aligned. Have fiddled about with all the settings I can think of without being able to resolve this.

This will be because the two-digit number, along with the dot, already extends beyond the tab position at which the text material starts for earlier numbers - so the text will now be aligned at the next tab stop instead. This will depend on the font size, of course, and you can see how this works by reducing the font size: for small enough font sizes, everything should line up again.

You should be able to correct this behaviour using the settings on the Position tab of the Numbering dialogue. Note that you can select levels under Level at the left and set properties differently for each level.

o For labelling that will be of different lengths - such as with your 9., 10., and so on, as well as your third level i), ii), and so on - you may well wish to set the "Numbering alignment" as Right instead of Left. This will solve your problem at a stroke - though you may wish to adjust other spacings to deal with any consequent changes.

o Alternatively, you should be able to solve your problem simply by increasing the value for the tab stop position for Level 1.

Problem 2: When I press new line and tab, I have always hitherto hopped in one tab so that a), b) and so on are aligned with one another, a little bit in from the alignment of 1., 2., etc. Now suddenly either the numbering for this one point changes to a letter (the letter which is the equivalent of the next level 1 number, e.g. 10 for J) at the same position as level 1 numbering or the whole numbering system changes to a) b) c) etc at level 1. Have also experimented with several options without result.

Do you have a single numbered list here - or perhaps what looks like a single list but is actually a number of separate lists? One way to investigate this is to form the list again - which is simpler than it sounds. Put the cursor at the end of the first item and press Enter and Tab if appropriate. Press Delete to bring the next item's text back to that line. Repeat as necessary, using Enter, Tab, and Shift+Tab as necessary. But I'm guessing.

Of course, using styles is always better, so creating or using a list style may make things easier.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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