Hi Ptoye and all:

    At first, try to be more polite because almost all us are volunteers and collaborate as we can and all of us try to do better.

    As I understand, you can reassign a macro following this steps (Or solve your problem like this) :

1) Menu-Tools-Macros-Organize Macros-LibreOffice Basic (I use this because is the only programming language that I've used to make a macro and assign to a toolbar. I don't know if using other language is the same to do it.)

2) Select Assign icon to open a Dialog Window. There select Toolbars and click on "All Commands" option. Scroll down to find Macros and select it.

3) In the Chart Function, appear the places where your macros should be

4) Found what you need

5) Now, at right, you can see the Options bar (Default Standar), where you can select whatever toolbar existing in LibreOffice Calc. But now, select the + icon that it place at right of it.

6) Appear a Dialog Window where you can input a name ("MyTools" for example), to make a new toolbar where you can assign all your Macros or only some of them. Select too the place where it will be saved (Option below).

7) Now, select the macros that you previously found ( Chart Function -point  4 ), and with the Arrow to right move to new toolbar "MyTools" all the Macros that you want.

8) Click "Ok" and then Close the Window. In the area of the toolsbars (Top of your spreadsheet), below the two first default bar, you can find your new MyTools bar icons that each one run each macro assigned.

9) The last step is to eliminate the macros of the other toolbar where you had assigned some of the macros and where you couldn't find place for all of them. I hope you know how to do this to doesn't duplicate icons in your spreadsheets (Two bar of them with some same icons that do the same). If you had problem, can request again to the user e-mail list of LibreOffice.

I hope this help,

Jorge Rodríguez

El 02/03/2018 a las 05:26, ptoye escribió:
I have been moving a few macros about, and want to reassign their toolbar
buttons. So I go to the Macro | Organiser, select the macro, click "assign",
select the toolbar button and click "OK". And nothing happens.

There's nothing in the help file about it - the "assigning scripts in LibO"
(why can't they use the word "macro"?) page tells me how to assign a macro
to a new button, but not how to change an assignment. Did the designers
really forget that this might be needed?

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