I did the complete duplicate on a new sheet and my data in the formulas
in the new sheet are corrupted.

I then stripped down the spreadsheet to make less sheets, and far less
columns and rows.

And, now, I can't even copy columns from one place to another, ON THE
SAME SHEET without corrupting the formulas. Each days worth of data is 8
columns, and I want to take the existing 1 day of data and make it into
365 days worth of data. So, that's far to much editing of the formulas
to be useful.

I will send my shortened/abbreviated spreadsheet to anyone who asks via
direct email, with some notes on the sheet.

I'm totally lost.


On 03/02/2018 04:26 PM, Brian Barker wrote:
> At 16:03 02/03/2018 -0500, Bonly "Art" Bonly wrote:
>> I've developed a spreadsheet to manage my diet. I foolishly put
>> several groups of columns that belong on a separate page onto sheet
>> 1.....complete with formulas, proper formatting etc. How do I move
>> the groups of columns and rows (with formulas and formatting info)
>> onto a new sheet? I can do it using the Paste Special command, but
>> the formulas come out all wrong, and would require a massive amount
>> of re-edits to produce usable results, most of the problems are the
>> formulas.
> It's difficult to know without being aware of all details, but here
> are some ideas:
> o Copy and paste using Paste Special, as you suggest, but tick the
> Link option in the Paste Special dialogue. That way, the new sheet
> will refer back to values in the original.
> o Make a complete copy of the original sheet: right-click the sheet
> tab and select Move/Copy Sheet... . Delete material from both sheets
> as required.
> o Use a careful combination of the above schemes.
> If your spreadsheet is sensibly designed, correcting any formulae
> should generally require attention only to one instance and the use of
> the Fill function.
> I trust this helps.
> Brian Barker

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