At 16:19 04/04/2018 -0400, Charles Meyer wrote:
WordPerfect has reveal codes which display the numbers for a special character so they're easy to find instead of scrolling down hundred of symbols in a chart.

Surely this can happen only if you already have the character in your document? In that case it is a simple matter to copy it and paste it anywhere else you want it. If you need it often, you might consider typing a code for it and then using Find & Replace to substitute the required character. In any case, scrolling through the Special Characters chart can be inefficient, as the character you require may exist only in some fonts.

Ex. [solid right-arrow symbol]

It is usually fairy easy to discover Unicode code numbers by a simple web search. Searching for "right triangle unicode" throws up amongst the first few results:
o Unicode Character 'BLACK RIGHT-POINTING TRIANGLE' (U+25B6)
o Geometric Shapes - HTML Unicode UTF-8
o Geometric Shapes - Wikipedia

Scrolling down to 25B6 in Special Characters is then a simple matter - and I can see at a glance that it is missing from the first font I try.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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