Good evening,
and a successful new year 2019 to all of you!
And thanks for the gone interesting years with LibreOffice!
(even if not always quite satisfying)

My LibreOffice version on Windows10 now is and I hope that LO-Base (finally) can meet my needs and intentions.

I have some old database-projects that I (very nicely) have built on MSAccess2003 and want now to rebuild them onto LO-Base. One of them has three tables (a main form and two subforms with about a hundred records by 15-25 cols each) that I now have successfully ‘transformed’ via MSExcel to LO-Calc files. My goal now is to get these 400 records to three LOBase tables with a maximum of ease (the new registered database has been created – but no tables yet!).

Now some questions to a LO-Base expert out there somewhere (I think the answers can be of interest to other LOBase-dummies like me!) 1 >>I have noticed that the embedded engine HSQLDB has been replaced with Firebird     >>can I still work with LOBase as a frontend the same way as before? If not, why not?     >>which are the main differences to be considered (e.g. regarding form- and report properties like with list-/comboboxes, reports etc)
                with Firebird vs HSQLDB
    >>where can I find fresh instructions (or tutorial) for LOBase (and if available for LOBase/Firebird)
2 >>as said the MSAccess table’s data are now saved as LOCalc-files.
I have learned how to export a LOBase table to a LOCalc file (registered) – but I can not find how to do the reverse:     >>how do I import a LOCalc file’s data to a (registered) LOBase table, or in other words, get the data (with or not it’s structures) from a LOCalc file into                 a LOBase table? 3 >>        (Brian please, once more) what is the formula to calculate (now in a LOBase/Firebird form or query) a person's age out of her birth date?

All advice is very much appreciated!
Pertti Rönnberg /Finland, 79yrs

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