I'm trying to create a mail merge document for a letter.  I'm adding fields directly to retain formatting control and NOT have to deal with a text block which is how the wizard inserts addresses.  I've had some success after a LONG time trying to figure out how to do this.  Documentation is a bit lacking on this approach.

The real problem is happening when I try to close and then reopen the document.  The file appears to close fine but when I try to reopen it, LibreOffice seems to think the file is damaged.  I can recover and the file opens fine, but same thing happens when I try to reopen again.  I can also "discard" the auto-recovery which should fix the auto-recover so it doesn't come up again, but in fact it DOES.  Even when discarding recovery points, the program continues to think there's a problem with the file and re-opens the auto recovery.

I can't find any way to deal with this problem.  BTW, it seems that I finally figured out how to generate the merged letters, so I assume the file is basically OK.  But I still get the auto-recovery screen.

I'd love to get this to stop.  It's a hassle, slows me down, and doesn't show LO at it's best when I'm showing friends and clients.


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