> Am 24.01.2019 um 18:28 schrieb David Triimboli <trimb...@cshl.edu>:
> This is just a silly question. Using Son of Grid Engine 8.1.9, I installed a 
> master and execution host on one machine. The man pages work fine. I 
> installed just an execution host on another. The man pages aren't recognized; 
> "man qhost" says "No manual entry for qhost." My $MANPATH includes 
> $SGE_ROOT/man on both machines, and $SGE_ROOT on the execution host is just 
> $SGE_ROOT on the master host through NFS.
> Why doesn't the execution host recognize the man pages? How do I get it to do 
> so?

What is the output of the command:


on both machines?

-- Reuti

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