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> Hi Reuti,
> So /home is not mounted via NFS as it's usually done?
> Correct. 
> How exactly is your setup? I mean: you want to create some kind of pseudo 
> home directory on the nodes (hence "-b y" can't be used with user binaries) 
> and the staged job script (by SGE) will then execute the job and/or copy some 
> files thereto too? Afterwards this directory would have to be removed too I 
> guess (and the results copied back beforehand).
> I want to create a normal home directory for the user if this directory does 
> not exist yet. /sbin/mkhomedir_helper can do exactly that (as it does if I 
> run prolog manually). I do not need to remove home directory after job 
> completes: next time the same user's job lands on the same host, there will 
> be no need to create the directory again.

I would fear that remains of old jobs will accumulate there and fill the disk 
over time.

This setup also has no means for the users to access their "home" on the nodes 
from the head node of the cluster?

> Is there any configurable process that SGE will start before the job and that 
> will not try to cd to user's home directory before start? I had hopes for 
> prolog (global), but apparently is it not a viable candidate.

What you can try: switch to a known directory with `qsub -wd /tmp …` or a 
similar path which exists where SGE should `chdir` to, and switch then in the 
job script to the user's home directory after it was created in the prolog (the 
prolog runs a child process, so you can't `chdir` therein for the real job – 
but in combination with a starter_method it might work to automate this). The 
-wd could be added in a JSV.

-- Reuti
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