Hi all,

I am thinking of making SGE (or sge_execd) more systemd friendly.
Right now, there is some (as per 8.1.9) support for cgroups as per:
My proposal is to make it:
when set to systemd, we would not to detect and any cgroups (and setting cpuset 
controller) manually.
Instead, shepherd daemon would run the job via "systemd-run" binary.


systemd-run can set various cgroup controllers via it's "--property" flag, 
achieving the same we do now manually. We would probably also utilize the 
"-scope" flag to make the job running synchronously.

Initially, I was thinking about implementing the same via "starter_method" 
flag, but systemd-run needs to be run as root, so it has to be hardcoded into 
shepherd.c and sge_execd daemon needs to also be running under root privileges, 
not sure if capabilities would help here.

Does this initiative make any sense?
I can try to implement it myself, but I am not familiar with sge internals. I 
can try...


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