*   One day meeting focused on the IT Infrastructure Challenges involved in 
supporting Research Activities as they slosh between On-Prem and Cloud
  *   Hosted in Seattle, WA USA


  *   The research community has lagged the commercial space in adopting the 
Cloud, for numerous reasons, one of which is that our business model does not 
fit well.  In the Cloud, the more you use, the more you pay:  works great for a 
retail business, where your Cloud costs soar as the winter holiday season 
approaches ... but so too do your revenues, so you don't mind.  In research, 
utilization and costs are uncorrelated:  even if your researchers get published 
in Nature/Science for their discovery ... well, the grant on which they are 
living doesn't change:  revenue is fixed.
  *   Nevertheless, the Cloud is the most transformative shift in IT 
infrastructure in the last decade+ -- surely there are ways for the research 
community to utilize it?
  *   Join us at Partly-Cloudy to hear peers share what works / what doesn't, 
and to kick around your current challenges, as we all attempt to leverage this 
wide-ranging and far-flung tool called the Cloud.


Stuart Kendrick
Allen Institute

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