At least for UGE, you will want to use the CPU set integration, which will
assign the job to a cgroup that has one CPU per requested slot. Once you
have cgroups enabled in the exec host OS, you can then set these options in


You can use this mechanism to have the m_mem_free request enforced as well.

On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 02:15:22PM +0200, Dietmar Rieder wrote:
> Hi,
> may be this is a stupid question, but I'd like to limit the used/usable
> number of cores to the number of slots that were reserved for a job.
> We often see that people reserve 1 slot, e.g. "qsub -pe smp 1 [...]"
> but their program is then running in parallel on multiple cores. How can
> this be prevented? Is it possible that with reserving only one slot a
> process can not utilize more than this?
> I was told the this should be possible in slurm (which we don't have,
> and to which we don't want to switch to currently).
> Thanks
>   Dietmar

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