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I need to generate custom invoice pdfs from user data. Parsing the xml with Groovy is no problem; next step would be to generate a .tex file for every invoice (which will then be compiled to pdfs by `latexmk` and sent by email). Because the invoice generation logic is not trivial, a simple variable search-&-replace won't do, I need loops and ifs. Groovy's (Simple)TemplateEngine is great – except I'd have to \\-Escape every backslash in the LaTeX template. Any idea how to avoid this? Some possible solutions I've come up with:

1) \\-escape in template-parts ( <%...%> or ${...} ) only would be ok, but not in everywhere in .tex file! Any way to do this?

2) possibility to change escape-character from \ to something else?

3) do a template.replace('\\','\\\\') beforehand. Anything that can go wrong there? I couldn't use a '\n' in the templates, but I guess that's not neccessary anyway.

4) (ab)use the MarkupTemplateEngine. At least the documentation states it's possible to "generate all sorts of text, not only XML/HTML". Is it possible to change the generated tags from <x>...</x> to \begin{x}...\end{x} ?

5) If there is another templating engine better suited for the task, I'd like to know! A quick search yielded eg. Apache Velocity, Apache Freemarker or StringTemplate, but I don't have the time to test each of them. Lastly, I'm not required to use Groovy (but I'd very much like to)... if I'm better off using eg. Python I'm ok with it (a internet search for "groovy+latex" has nearly no matches).

Thanks in advance
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