On 20.01.19 04:33, Daniel.Sun wrote:
Hi all,

        As TIOBE Index for January 2019 shows[1], the most popular JVM-based
language is #groovylang with #21 and 1.016% 😃

        It is really a Groovy beginning of 2019!

[1] https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/

not only almost top 20, but double the amount than any other JVM based language? (that I could spot on the list with a quick look at least). And the difference between places 22 and 21 is much bigger than between places 21 and 20.

All that said... this is TIOBE. Many of their results look random, big jumps do happen easily. And you cannot follow their method with google giving region specific results as well as the many other things they index. I tried to reproduce their results years ago... was a big failure.

It can give an indicator for trends though, which is why I find this page more interesting: https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/groovy/

Sadly this page also shows how unreliable this index is... we have been anywhere between 16 and 106 in the last 13 years. So please be careful with "overhyping" this ;)

bye Jochen

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