Below is the issue encountered when i am trying to use apache 2.4 to
validate performance using the benchmarking tool(ab tool).

ab is invoked with 2000/1000 concurrent requests and subjected to 80000 cgi
requests. The module enabled is mod_cgid. Occurs with worker/event mpm

MPM configuration is:
<IfModule mpm_worker_module>
    ServerLimit             80
    StartServers             3
    MinSpareThreads         75
    MaxSpareThreads        250
    ThreadsPerChild         25
    MaxRequestWorkers     2000
    MaxConnectionsPerChild   0

2000 concurrent requests

Benchmarking x.x.x.x (be patient)
socket: Too many open files (24)


1000 concurrent requests

Benchmarking x.x.x.x (be patient)
Completed 8000 requests
apr_socket_recv: Connection timed out (110)
Total of 8972 requests completed

This occurs on RHEL as well as on HP-UX.
Please help if anyone has encountered the same problem.


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