The server might not start because removing the module leaves an invalid
configuration somewhere.
If you run httpd -t or look in the error log, it should tell you where the
problem is.

- Y

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 12:01 PM, David Wright - NOAA Affiliate <> wrote:

> Dear Experts
> Hi I am new to Apache configuration. I have been tasked to set up a
> Development and Production Apache Server running on RHEL to run a Drupal
> website.
> I now have it up and working but now I have to secure the server we use
> NESSUS vulnerability scanner to to find vulnerability's in the server.
> One of the scans came up with this
> 1.2.5 Disable Autoindex module
> Info
> The Apache autoindex module automatically generates web page listing the
> contents of directories on the server, typically used so that an index.html
> does not have to be generated.
> Solution
> Perform the following to determine if the module is enabled. Run the httpd
> server with the -M option to list enabled modules:
> # httpd -M | grep autoindex_module
> The module is there but if I go into the etc/httpd/conf.modules.d folder i
> find
> 00-base.conf when i edit this file I can go in and disable the auto index
> module. But when i restart Apache it fails Any one no why this happens? Am
> i disabling the module correctly?
> Any help would be great thanks in adavance
> David
> Running Red Hat 7 and Apache 2.4
> --
> David Wright

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