On 2018-05-17 12:30 PM, Dedeco Balaco wrote:
How to make Apache file listing pages be shown in the correct timezone,
or a specific one (possibly using a "SetEnv TZ" line in .htaccess ?
There is a small error in the users list page (
https://httpd.apache.org/userslist.html ). The verb in the note sentence is wrong.

s/ send|sent ??? I've just looked at your reference, the page is perfect. I might suggest that if you want help, don't insult the volunteers who *can* help.

As to your question, "timezones" is rather vague. Depending upon your hardware and your o/s, you may have BIOS time, o/s time and various pieces of coding that consciously (or not) use one, the other or a possibly incorrect interpretation of either one.


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