Hi Uma,
How did you get on with these suggestions?

Also, would you be able to share the code you have (for integrating with
shiro-cas) in case others in the user community have the same use case


On 16 August 2016 at 05:54, uma narayan <umanaray...@yahoo.com.invalid>

> Hi,
> I need to integrate apache isis with shiro-cas. With shiro-cas I was able
> to authenticate and authorize successfully but still isis login page is
> presented is to me.
> Summarizing my application flow:1. CAS filter re-directs to CAS Login
> 2. CAS Realm performs authentication and authorization3. Then, apache isis
> login page is presented again.
> On analyzing the source code found that AuthenticatedWebSession is not
> created. Please provide me a solution to resolve this issue.
> Thanks for your help,Uma

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